Well today is my b-day. And, today on my b-day I sent my first cake pops and some cake balls with my husband to the farmer’s market. I will know in a few hours if anyone showed any interest in them. Whether they do well at the market or not, the one thing I got from making these cake balls and pops is simply, that I can do it. And I mean, a few years ago, I stayed clear away from anything that had a recipe or lengthy instructions. I didn’t think I could make anything successfully and I was scared to try. I really was scared of the thought of baking a cake- I could barely cook pancakes…As a kid I was told to stay away from the kitchen. My mother, when she did cook, did not share her skills with me or teach me about the tools found in the kitchen. So, while I have proven to myself that I can make these treats, I know that I still have kinks to work out and more practice, especially with knowing the right amount of frosting to mix in with the cake crumbs, removing the cake balls/pops from the candy coating, how to keep them all round and the same size, etc. And I need to figure out how to be more efficient with my time since they can be time consuming…

For those who know me, they know that I have grown a little in the cooking department. I had to learn some things quick because when my husband and I decided I would be the one to stay home with our 2 little ones, I knew that meant that I would be preparing meals. It was a scary process, but here I am, now venturing into the world of baking. I have found something that I really enjoy doing, and I only regret that I never thought to open this door years ago.

But things happen for a reason.